Atlanta Medical Association | Sponsorship
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Become an AMA Sponsor

There are many ways to get involved.


Present to our membership body by sponsoring a meeting. We give sponsors that have a product or service an opportunity to showcase what they have/do at our monthly meetings. Presentations usually last about 45-50 minutes and there is a post-presentation opportunity to have a table for one on one follow up.


We have a menu of local events that our partners look forward to being involved in and attending. Whether it is our Heritage Ball fundraiser or one of our community events, a partnership with the AMA will get your product in front of the right audience.


Have your product/service information and/or logo featured on our web-site. Our members log in often to stay abreast on the latest news and information we offer. We can set up a link back to your website or create space for a flyer, video or promo.

Interested in joining the AMA family?

Contact Us below.